Acts of Kindness Make All the Difference
Random Acts of Kindness are kind things that you can do to or for
people without expecting anything in return and for no particular
reason. The objective is to make people feel good and to put a smile
on their face...not to mention make you feel good, too!

"Just Say Hello"

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Student Video for Kicking Off Random Acts of Kindness Week :)

Discussion Questions:
  • Why do you think the students decided to perform acts of kindness?
  • How do you think the people who received the acts of kindness felt?
  • How do you think the students felt after they performed each act of kindness?
  • How can one kind act inspire others to spread more?
  • Can the random act of kindness make a different in our school or in our world?
  • Why is it important to be kind?
  • How would Beverly School benefit from random acts of kindness?

Kindness Matters: The Challenges

Kindness Matters the Challenge.jpg
Other Video Resources:
Kindness is Cooler Mrs. Ruler

Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed

5 Minute Thank You

Try a Little Kindness Song (Sesame Street)

Kindness Kid (Sesame Street)

Kind Hearted Hand (Song)

Kindness Matters (Song)
Useful Worksheets and Templates

How are you making sure that everyone is treated kindly?
How are you making sure that everyone is included?

Autumn wouldn’t be there without Rachael.
Rachael wouldn’t think of being there without Autumn.
But their story is about more than friendship. It’s a lesson in strength.